Simple and powerful? It’s a hard combination to balance. But we spend a lot of time working on our product, improving inch by inch. We use it for our own events. We talk to our customers on a daily basis. We listen, we learn.

Sell tickets quickly and easily

Tito is built by people who run events, who know that software should not get in the way. In just a few clicks you can start selling tickets. No bloat, no fuss.

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139* supported currencies

Connect your own Stripe or PayPal account to Tito and receive your money directly into your bank account: within 7 days for Stripe, 3-4 days for PayPal. We don’t withhold your funds—in fact, we never see your money at all.

* 24 for PayPal, 139 for Stripe, other providers may vary
Customise your event homepage

Add your own logo, text, banner, links and Google Map locations to your event homepage. It’s been designed to look and work great on mobile devices as well as the desktop.

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Discount codes, secret tickets, donation tickets and more

With Tito you have a huge amount of flexibility in setting up your tickets. Create custom discount codes, setup private links to secret tickets, or set a pay-what-you-want amount.

Use your own website to sell tickets

If you want full control over the branding of your event homepage, you can use our fully embedded ticket form or our lightweight Tito button. All it takes is one line of JavaScript, and one line of HTML.

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Attach attendee questionnaires to your tickets

Collect information from your attendees during the ticket purchasing process. View the results in-app or download the results to process them offline.

Apple Wallet integration

As well as pdf tickets, Wallet tickets are automatically generated with every order. Download them directly to your iOS device during the purchase process, or click on the link received with the email confirmation.

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Check-in apps

Public beta feature

Effortlessly check-in your attendees on-site with our suite of tools. Either use our device-agnostic web-based check-in tool, or use our iOS QR code scanner.

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Teams for event administration

Tito allows you to invite others to join your team and help manage your event. Control whether team members can access financials, create new events, or just view specific events within an account.

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Public beta feature

We’ve added the ability to message your existing attendees, attendees from a previous event, and your mailing lists. If you wish you can provide your own HTML templates, and then use variables to include dynamic content.

Waiting Lists

Public beta feature

Collect names and email addresses once a ticket has sold out. You can then message people on the list and offering them a ticket, with an optional expiry date.

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Internationalisation aka i18n

Private beta feature

We are beginning to add multilingual support to the Tito checkout flow. At the moment, we have the following languages available:

  • Irish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
Full data export

At any time you can download a full csv export of event data, including customer data, purchase details and questionnaire responses that have been collected.

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Custom domains

You have full control over your url when setting up accounts and events: http://ti.to/[account]/[event]
Tito also allows you to fully customize by using your own private domain url.

Webhooks and API

A ticket purchase webhook is currently available together with an initial read-only API for our developer friends. A full read-write API is coming.

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Start selling tickets in less than 5 minutes